The Things That We Do Wrong (Right)

We say that knowing is the same as understanding

We say that loving is the same as caring

We believe that kind words can’t hurt anybody

We believe that every love is everlasting

We fear love as we fear pain

We fear rejection as we fear acceptance

We hold on to the things that harm us

We let go of the things that help us

Who is to say the knowing is different from understanding?

Isn’t caring not just a means of loving? There are other ways, surely.

Anything can hurt anybody

God’s love is everlasting

Don’t we get hurt because we love (the wrong things, at the wrong time, at the wrong place)?

Rejection and acceptance are two sides of one coin, we can’t get one without getting the other, can we?

Do we even know what harms us?

Do we let go or are they the ones letting go?

Two wrongs don’t make a right they say

But when you go left, you also don’t go right

There are absolute truths, and there are pretentious truths

Life is full of irony, it’s no wonder it’s so bloody.


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