Girl Next Door

To the girl who loves beauty
To the girl who laughs loudly
To the girl who smiles brightly
You just have to look into the mirror
and look at what I can see

To the girl who scolds so harshly
To the girl who fights so fiercely
To the girl who cries so brokenly
You just have to keep silent
And find inner peace and serenity

To the girl who does not love perfectly
But loves very much, wholeheartedly
Leave some for yourself, give all to the All-Mighty
Give what you can give, take what you can take
Because love is never forced, love is given willingly

To the ones you love, to the ones you cherish
You pray that those feelings would never perish
But like silver, it would somehow tarnish
When you know it’s not pure and not everylasting
But unlike others it can surely be polished

To the girl who feels she is never enough
To the girl who know she is more than just fluff
To the girl who thinks this is all just a bluff
It is okay to bleed, it is alright to break
That’s what humans do, be faulty and stuff

You know how to live, so learn how to let go
Be it humans, emotions, feelings, and ego
Life is so colorful, from red fo indigo
You will always be right, you will always be wrong
It is up to you to decide, after all it is your show